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Showers & Anniversary



Round Cakes
8"8-10 People8"8-10 People
10"10-15 People10"10-15 People
12"15-25 People12"15-25 People
* Note: All cakes have two layers of filling & 3 layers of cake.


 Sheet Cakes
1/4 Sheet (9 1/2" X 13 1/2")15-25 People1/4 Sheet (9 1/2" X 13 1/2")5-25 People
1/2 Sheet (13" X 16 1/2")30-40 People1/2 Sheet (13" X 16 1/2")30-40 People
Full Sheet (16" X 24")60-100 PeopleFull Sheet (16" X 24")60-100 People
* Note: All cakes have two layers of filling & 3 layers of cake.

Round Cakes
Sheet Cakes
8 " 10 " 12"
1/4 1/2 full
Italian Rum Cakes
A LaRosa family favorite. Our Rum Cakes are rich, moist and true to our family's highest quality standards. Our cakes can be made with your choice of either Cannoli cream or Custard filling. Each cake is attractively decorated with a generous portion of the finest quality sliced almonds. Buon Appetito!
Napoleon Cakes
Made with the finest vanilla custard filling and generously applied icing with your choice of a white Napolean icing or French butter cream.
Round Cakes
Sheet Cakes
10 " 12"
1/4 - 1/2 full
Carrot Cakes
Made with a specially prepared cream cheese icing, we use only the finest ingredients in our highly sought after carrot cakes.

All Occasions

** All of our cakes are prepared with three layers of cake,
two layers of one type of filling and icing **

Vanilla or Chocolate Custard – Chocolate Mousse – Rasberry Mousse
Choice of Fruit
Strawberry – Cherry – Peach – Blueberry – Pinaapple – Lemon – Rasberry
Special Fillings – (extra charges apply)
Fresh Strawberry – Fresh Banana – Cannoli Cream

Whip Cream (Non-dairy)
French Butter Cream (like whipped cream, but a little sweeter)
Old Fashioned Butter Cream (heavy and sweet)

– Two Fillings (Chocolate Custard & Fresh Strawberry)
– Wafer Decoration (christening, wedding, confirmation)
– Cartoon Characther Drawings
– Number Shaped Cakes
– Form Cakes (Train, Mickey or Minnie Mouse)